Pizza Saint Henri

Pizza Saint Henri

Situé dans la rue St Jacques Pizza, Saint Henri vous offre de bons repas avec les meilleurs prix, les options avec nous font partie de notre compromis avec chaque client qui décide d'essayer délicieux repas préparés par les experts. Nous recommandons nos spéciaux parce qu'ils sont merveilleux, imaginez 2 Pizzas de la taille de votre préférence en plus pain au fromage. N'attendez plus pour enchanter votre palais ! Commandez en Ligne ou par téléphone, nous avons un efficient service de Livraison !

(514) 933 7933

4200 St Jacques

Heures de livraison

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1

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Google Reviews
Toujours 2 pour 1
Niina 2011

-Very nice location very friendly staff food came in a reasonable time very fresh. Recommend this place for family night. Every time I go to this location there’s always someone at the Cash register, smiling very friendly, great conversation and the food is always delicious.-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1

-We decided to try a new pizza place that had some pizza/chicken deals. They has so many options! We ended up getting the extra large with 20 wings, fries and a 2L Pepsi and it was very well priced for all the food we got! We added some onion rings too which ended up being my favourite thing in the order, super crispy! They gave some poutine sauce at our request, as there was no option to add it on Uber which was very much appreciated. Everything was delicious. The pizza had the good pepperoni on top, not that sloppy gross stuff under the cheese you get at some places. The poutine sauce was very good too, we will order a poutine next time when we don't already have an extra cheese pizza. Definitely recommend ordering from them. We will be trying some of the other things on the menu next time!-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Gisele Sherrrard

-We ordered 30 pizza's for an office lunch - order was called in a few days before. At the scheduled time, the driver showed up with 30 hot pizza's . Everyone enjoyed them. We will definitely order from here again. 100% recommended.-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Yixing Wang (Ivana)

-Thé pizza was very nice, fresh and delicious. It’s just the delivery guy who speaks perfect English interestingly slipped his finger to button 3 for 20% tips when I clearly said 15%. But whatever, very nice pizza ??-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Roy Latham

-Horrible Restaurant. Horrible food. I ordered from them last year and said never again but unfortunately I forgot about my experience and after getting my order it all came back to me and sure enough it was exactly like the last time. Pizza was lousy and the poutine was cold and soggy and on top of that they charge you the taxes and give you a fake invoice without the restaurant name on it or the required provincial and federal tax numbers. So if you wanted to declare it as a business expense it will be invalid. I remember complaining about this the last time I ordered and they basically hung up on me. They have been doing this for at least a year and are pocketing an extra 15 percent. I will be contacting Revenue Quebec and the CRA to make a complaint and hopefully they will do an audit and close this dump down.-

Toujours 2 pour 1