Pizza Saint Henri

Pizza Saint Henri

Located at St Jacques street, Pizza Saint Henri has for your great food with the greatest prices you can find, the options with us are part of our compromise with every client who decides to try exquisite meals prepared for the experts. We recommend our specials because they will make your mouth water, imagine 2 Pizzas of the size of your choice plus delicious cheesy bread. Do not wait more to delight your palate! Order now Online or by phone we have an efficient Delivery service or come and Pick up!

(514) 933 7933

4200 St Jacques

Delivery Hours

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1

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Google Reviews
Toujours 2 pour 1
Betty-Ann Miller

-Can't complain. I went to eat with my son and we found it to be clean ans spacious. Good service and good food.-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Kimberly Estriplet

-I’ve eaten in and delivered food from that pizza, one of the best in down with a really decent price!! Well done guys-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1

-I've been to this restaurant since I was a kid, known the owners for more than 24 years back when they were located on the corner of Sainte-Marguerite and Notre-Dame. The pizza is amazing and honestly can't complain about the price. The staff are courteous and friendly, a nice place to grab a quick slice and even their delivery service does not disappoint.-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Sacha Francisque

-I’m telling you, the best pizza in the south-west. Order there by UberEat every Friday and will continue to do go! Thick and juicy pizza , pepperoni that stick to the bun not the small cheap pepperoni that you find on a Dominos’s pizza. Awsome-

Toujours 2 pour 1
Toujours 2 pour 1
Monsieur Champagne

-At the center point of St-Henri by the metro station, long opening hours, efficient service, good tasting American style pizza, online menu easy to navigate with and all that, to a very fair price. I would like to point here the delicious taste of their « pain magique »; funny name but once you try it… hard for you to not order some more on your next order.-

Toujours 2 pour 1